Uniform Policy


All students attending must be in full uniform daily beginning on the first day of school.


Vest and tie is worn beginning October 10th through March 30th
Golf shirts with MYA logo may be worn from September 5th through October 13th and from April 3rd through the end of the school year.

  • Sneakers are only permitted on gym days
  • Slacks must be worn with a belt
  • Female students may only wear skirts and must be worn no shorter than 2 inches above the knee

Please note: Students are never permitted to wear any of the items listed below:

  • Hooded sweaters or sweat shirts*
  • Boots
  • Colored enamel jewelry
  • Large earrings, heavy necklaces, or bracelets.
  • Bandannas or scarves in the hair or around the neck
  • Gloves
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoes without backs
  • Sandals
  • Any other tee shirt or golf shirt other than the MYA shirt
  • Any other tie other than the MYA tie
  • Sweaters or cardigans that are not uniform compliant.
    • (navy for grades 5,6,and 7-grey for grade 8)
  • Gym pants with logo design or with white or any
  • colored stripe along the leg.
  • Large pocketbooks

*MYA Hooded Sweatshirt is allowed

Although students may wear sweaters, hooded sweaters and sweatshirts and/or boots into the building for various weather-related reasons, all such items must be stored in lockers BEFORE students enter the advisory classroom.


  • Shirts may be long or short sleeved
  • The long-sleeved V-neck pull over sweater may be worn in place of the vest sweater.
  • Jewelry may only include silver or gold colored earrings ONLY no larger than a nickel.

Please visit Cramers to purchase our uniform:

5226 Market St.
Phila, PA
Phone: 215-307-3829
Hours: Mon-Sat 10 AM  –  5:30PM


Gray Pants/Slacks are the color for Boys in grade 5th though 8th

5th - 7th Grade Uniform

Gray SlacksBlue/Grey Plaid Skirt
Light blue oxford shirtLight blue oxford blouse
Navy pull-over vest sweater with emblemNavy pull-over vest sweater
Navy V-neck pull-over long-sleeved sweater with emblemNavy V-neck pull-over long-sleeved sweater with emblem
Blue/Grey plaid tie Blue/Grey plaid tie
Dark shoesNavy tights or knee socks & Dark shoes

8th Grade Uniform

Gray Slacks White oxford shirtBlue/Grey Plaid Skirt White oxford blouse
Grey pull-over vest sweater with emblemGrey pull-over vest sweater
Grey V-neck pull-over long-sleeved sweater with emblem Grey V-neck pull-over long-sleeved sweater with emblem
Blue/Grey Plaid Tie Blue/Grey plaid tie
Dark shoesNavy tights or knee socks
Dark shoes


Navy blue MYA tee shirt Navy blue gym pants.

Navy gym shorts may be worn in September, May and June.