MYA Student Code of Conduct


One of the most important factors impacting academic success is regular and punctual attendance at school every day. Students who are consistently present in school each day are far more likely to excel. While we understand that illness and family emergencies can impede a student’s best efforts to come to school each day, it is our expectation that schoolwork will not suffer because of this. We expect our students to make every effort to make up for missing assignments and tests, and we will hold them fully accountable for initiating such conversations with teachers.

All MYA students are expected to be in the building by 8:15 AM in order to transition to their first period class. The bell will ring at 8:15 and students will be required to go to their locker and report to their class by 8:20. Lockers will be arranged in a manner that will streamline student entry. Students who are absent from school must bring a note on the following day with an explanation for the absence. Students who are absent without excuse may be considered truant from school and therefore be referred to truancy court. Teachers will regularly review student attendance records and contact parents in cases where absences become frequent and/or follow a pattern. Parents can expect such contact to come in the form of a phone call or letter. We remind our parents that absences, which exceed three, are considered excessive and are cause for concern. Referrals to truancy court are made automatically via the School Computer Network wherever there are seven or more absences.

Students who arrive at school after 8:15 will be considered late to school and/or cutting class.


All students are admitted to school immediately upon arrival at the door located on Fairmount Avenue. This door will be open at 7:45 A.M. MYA uses ScholarChip that electronically monitors student attendance. Students will be expected to “swipe” in with picture identification. Your child is expected to bring this identification every day. This identification card is considered part of the school uniform.

A replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged for students who have lost their ID card.


Breakfast is provided for all students who choose to participate between 7:45 and 8:10 each morning. Students who choose to have breakfast at school must arrive in ample time to do so and report to advisory on time. Exceptions are made during inclement weather.


There are two lunch periods: one for each academy in the south cafeteria. Lunches are provided by the School District of Philadelphia or your child may bring a lunch if they choose. MYA has a fully operating kitchen service, which means that fresh hot lunches are prepared for students each day at no cost. All students have access to the universal free lunch and breakfast program. Students are not permitted to carry food from the cafeteria to any other location in the building unless an adult supervises them. All students are expected to behave in a manner that is suitable for young ladies and gentlemen while in the cafeteria.


Students will not be permitted to use the marble hallway on the first or second floor. Students will be required to follow the up and down stairs when traveling from the first and second floors. MYA students always travel on the right side of the hallway dependent on the direction they are going. The hallway will have blue dividers on the floor to easily guide your student.

Students are required to carry hall passes if they are in the hall at a time other than normal transitioning. Hall Passes are as follows:

Location Color
Locker Pass Blue
Dean’s Pass Purple
Stevens/Welshans Pass Orange
Office Pass Pink
Bathroom Pass Yellow
Water Pass White

There will be logs in every classroom to track student movement throughout the building. It is necessary to carry a pass at all times. If a student does not have a pass, it will be considered unauthorized movement and subject to disciplinary action.

Dismissal is at 3:09 PM for all students in the upper and lower academies.  All students are expected to report to lockers, retrieve materials needed to complete homework assignments and leave school grounds unless they are participating in an approved adult supervised school activity. Students are expected to report to their SEPTA bus stops on 48th and Fairmount Avenue and 48th and Aspen Street  and promptly travel home.

Students who reside 1.5 miles or more from MYA are entitled to transportation services via a SEPTA trans pass. All arrangements regarding transportation are made centrally through the School District’s transportation office at 440 North Broad Street. Transpasses will be distributed weekly to students that meet this requirement. Please note: There will be NO replacement transpasses. If your child loses their transpass, you are responsible for replacing it.

School-­‐wide positive behavioral intervention and supports (PBIS) is a system of tools and strategies for defining, teaching, acknowledging appropriate behavior, and correcting inappropriate behavior. It is a framework for creating customized school systems that support student outcomes, academic success, and to positively recognize staff and students on a consistent basis.
PBIS is preventative, and it changes the paradigm of focus from negative behaviors and exchanges to positive expectations and interactions.

The goals of PBIS are to customize practices to support appropriate behaviors, create systems of support for educators, analyze data, and to make informed decisions which promote social and academic success.


MYA enforces a student demerit system. Demerits may be assigned by individual teachers, support staff, the counselor and by the principal. Students who accumulate excessive demerits will be excluded from special activities and may be assigned to after school and/or Saturday detentions. Other consequences for excessive demerits may include request for parent conference, in-­‐school suspension and out of school suspension. In cases of Level 2 infractions, demerits will be assigned in addition to more serious consequences such as those named above.

Students are required to carry their demerit cards with them daily. Demerit  cards  allow  for parents and students to understand the nature of their infractions. This is a uniform requirement.  In addition to the demerit card system-­‐ teachers will be tracking the demerits that they assign.

Detentions will be held on multiple days each week, which will be determined. Detentions begin at 3:15 and end at 4:15. Students who are assigned to detentions will receive letters regarding the day, date and reason for the assignment 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled date of the detention. Detentions are rescheduled in emergency situations only and only by parent request.

Your child is expected to serve their detention and your cooperation is appreciated.

If a student does not attend detention, parents will be expected to attend a meeting with the dean of students and/or principal to remedy the situation.

*Locks will be provided to students however replacement locks will cost of $ 3.00.


Students have access to lockers three times per day: at morning admission, before reporting to the cafeteria for lunch and at dismissal. We remind students and parents that lockers are assigned to students for their use during the school year, but that they are, in fact, the property of the school. As such and for the safety or preserving a safe school climate, the school reserves the right to search lockers at any time provided cause has been established to justify such search. *All lockers must remained lock for security purposes. This policy will be strictly enforced and a Electronic Contract must be signed by All parents and students. The school encourages all parents to talk to students about the importance of protecting such possessions by leaving them at home. The school is not financially responsible for any electronic devices that are brought to school illegally and then lost or stolen. Security protocol and hall sweeps may be completed throughout the day to ensure the safety of all lockers.


Lockers will be distributed to students during the first full week of school. All students will be assigned top lockers to aid in reducing any confusion or time-­‐consuming behavior while waiting to get in lockers. All outerwear is stored in the locker including hats, caps, scarves, gloves, coats, jackets, boots, hooded shirts and sweaters and sweaters which are not compliant with the uniform policy. Additionally all book bags are stored in lockers. Students may not carry ANY kind of book bag or draw string bag during the course of the school day


Electronic Devices are not permitted in school during the instructional day. All devices MUST be locked in the student locker. Please note that they cannot be in the student’s pocket. This includes cell phones, games, cameras, IPODS or other MP3 players etc. All such items will be immediately confiscated and returned to parents only according to the following guidelines:

First Offense: Device is held for 30 days. Devices will not be returned before hand. Parents will be notified via telephone and students will be given a letter to clarify when phone will be returned.

Second Offense: Device will not returned until the last day of school.

All classes for all MYA students in 5th through 8th grade are 60 minutes in length, including Expressive Arts classes such as Gym/Health, Art, Music and Digital Literacy.

Students in 7th and 8th grades have diverse schedules, which will allow them to transition for every class period. Students in 5th and 6th grades have a schedule built on tone teacher per content area, which means that their schedules are split so that they see a different teacher for each course to provide a specified focus for learning. These students also cycle to Expressive Arts classes.

All learners will receive their schedules on the first day of school. Teachers will spend time on this day reviewing the roster of classes with all learners. We ask that parents review the schedule with their children to be sure that he/she has a thorough understanding of how it works. We encourage our parents to call us at school if you have specific questions or if you need assistance with this process.


MYA offers a Scholars Academy for students in 7th and 8th grades that will provide academic enrichment based on an application process that coincides with academic achievement, community service, teacher recommendation, and school and community-based activities. This opportunity will provide students in 7th grade with Pre-­‐Algebra and Introduction to Music.

Students in 8th grade will be provided with Algebra and English Honors courses. Students in 8th grade Scholars Academy will participate in the Keystone Exams to meet diploma requirements.


Picture Day will be held in the fall of this school year. The Photographer will be taking individual photographs of every student. At a nominal cost each student may purchase a packet of pictures. Eighth grade students will also take Move Up Day pictures to purchase.

MYA will schedule quarterly school wide trips whose focus will be to enhance education in the arts. Trips may be scheduled for theater, dance, museums or musical performances. These scheduled trips will be mandatory for all students and will include a follow-­‐up classroom component that will become a factor in the grading process at each quarter. As events are scheduled, parents will be apprised of the cost. Parents are encouraged to join us on all such trips.