Lateness: A Little Late is Too Late!

It is each student’s responsibility to arrive to school on time ready to learn. Chronic lateness leads to poor academic performance, poor work habits, and ineligibility for admittance to high performing high schools. School begins at 8:15 A.M. However, students must arrive earlier to ensure that there is enough time to scan in and visit their lockers in order to arrive on time to class. The doors of the school open at 7:45 A.M.

Note: Lateness due to a doctor appointments MUST be excused with a note from the student’s physician. The note should be submitted to the Ms. Betha, the school’s secretary on the same day of the lateness.


There is an automated call when your child is absent.

1.     At the 3rd illegal absence, a Legal Notice (C-31) is mailed to the parent/guardian.

2.     At the 6th illegal absence, the MTSS process begins; intervention plan developed

3.     At the 10th illegal absence, documentation is reviewed; referral to Truancy Court.

When a student is absent from school the parent must provide an absence note to the school secretary within three days after the child returns to school. According to PA Law illness, death in the family, court hearing, quarantine, and family emergencies are acceptable reasons for an absent. Family vacations will not be excused and is considered an illegal absence.

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