MYA Safety Protocols

In response to recent incidents in schools which have seriously impacted the safety of all staff and students, we, at MYA, have taken the time review our own policies and procedures regarding school climate and safety.


Some of these policies will remain in place, as they have proven successful; others have been redesigned in order to address some of the issues which have recently impacted children in our schools. Those protocols which reflect some change are highlighted for your special attention. Please be advised that all staff and students are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures which are outlined below.

Visitor Policy

Early Release Policy


We ask that you review them carefully so that you fully understand that parents who visit our school are also accountable for cooperating with school and for upholding these practices. We need your support in both complying with these policies and procedures and in talking with your children about complying.  Please keep in mind, that our first two priorities at MYA are insuring your child’s safety and providing him/her with a quality education. We ask that you continue to support us, as you have always done, in this work.