School Supplies

To ensure academic success students need to bring required materials to class. Below are the supply lists for Lower and Upper Academies. Be mindful that supplies do not last and please replenish when needed.

Lower Academy Supplies General

1 ream of copy paper
1 box of facial tissues
32 oz hand sanitizer
1 roll of paper towels
1 Lysol or Clorox wipes

Lower Academy Supplies Classes

MYA agenda book- $5.00 fee must be purchased through school
Staples Accel or other brand Spine Guard 5-subject Notebook 8.5x11
6 marble composition books
Staples or other brand Plastic Expandable Reinforced 7-pocket Accordion Folder
24 count box of pencils
24 box of crayons
(2) 12 pack of pens (blue/black ink only)
White out
1 pack of 3 different color highlighters
12 pack of colored pencils
Glue sticks
Fiskar or other brand safety scissors
Metal book rings
Index cards
Zipper pencil pouch


Upper Academy Supplies General

Pens, pencils, & erasers
Loose-leaf paper
Colored pencils & highlighters
Small manual pencil sharpener
2 jumbo boxes of tissues & hand sanitizer for the advisory classroom
1 Ream of copy paper
Construction Paper

Upper Academy Supplies Math

Pencils ONLY (all assignments are to be completed in pencil) *NO EXCEPTION!*
Composition Notebook or Binder w/a section for the class (must have looseleaf)
1 folder for class AND 1 folder with fasteners/prongs (should hold loose-leaf paper)
2 packs of index cards
2 packs of lined paper
Math Kit (ruler, protractor, compass)
Graph Paper

Upper Academy Supplies English

2 Composition Books
Small Binder W/Loose-leaf
One 2-Pocket Folders
Dictionary (At Home Usage)

Upper Academy Supplies Social Studies

1 Large Notebook OR Binder W/Loose-leaf
1 Pocket Folder

Upper Academy Supplies Science

2 Composition Books
1 Folder for Class and 1 Folder with Fasteners/Prongs (Should Hold Loose-Leaf Paper)
2 Packs of Index Cards
Art Materials (Glue, Colored Pencils, Markers, Construction Paper)
1 Ream of Copy Paper

Agendas are Optional for 7th & 8th Grade


Gym/Health Supplies

Composition or 1 Subject Notebook
Pencil or Pen

Art Supplies

Composition or One subject notebook

Digital Literacy Supplies

Composition Notebook
Pencil or Pen
4 or 8 Gigabyte Flash Drive